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Consulting and Marketing

Is there any difficulty in launching a market in Korea?
Useb is working to list well-made coins on the Korea Exchange. We are looking for investors who are preparing for Pre Sale or ICO and marketing. We are also consulting business model in Korea. We hope to meet good partners.

Blockchain Consulting and Marketing

Business Area

Token Generation Consulting
Token Economy
Token Valuation

KYC / AML Solution
Compliant Platform
AI face Recognition
Security Consulting

Community Building
Viral Marketing
Due Diligence

Blockchain Lecture
Token Economy

UseB's Manpower

UseB has manpower in various fields related to blockchain.


Master and Ph.D in various fields
Have expert knowledge in business areas where blockchain can be applied


Research the future of blockchain
Have talented developers who posesess advanced blockchain technology


Form a global network
Have a network with excellent blockchain Companies and prominent SNS influencer


Martin Kim

CEO | Martin Kim

Seoul National University, Ph.D Candidate in School of Medicine (2012~2017)
Sungkyunkwan University, M.S. in School of Medicine (2008~2010)
Sungkyunkwan University, B.S. in Lifescience (2004~2008)

Daniel Lee

COO | Daniel Lee

SK Stock PIB(Stock manager) (2017~ 2018)
IBK Investment Trust (Asset Management) (2014~2017)
Tongyang Stock Next Generation Project (2009~2011)
Tongyang Stock Trust(Asset Management) (2006~2014)
Korea University, B.A. in Business Administration (1998~2005)

John Hwang

CTO | John Hwang

KISTEP(Korea Institute of Science &Technology Evaluation and Planning) Researcher (2017.10~2018.09)
Korea University, Ph.D. M.S. in Information Security (2010.03 ~ 2016.07) Mulitimedia Security Lab, Researcher
Korea University, B.S. in Electric Electronic and Electric-wave Engineering (2001.03 ~ 2008.02)

Evra Im

Web Developer | Evra Im

Concordia University E-Learning Development
Ivoryn Visual English Site Management
EBS Speaking Site Management

Samuel Lee

Sales | Samuel Lee

California School of Podiatric Medicine
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine(incomplete) City College of San Francisco
Intro to Computer Science, Data Structures,
Discrete Math Education App Academy 2016-2017
Rigorous software engineering curriculum with 3% acceptance


SungHwan Kim

-Assistant professor, Dept of Applied Statistics, Konkuk Univ, Mar 2018~Present
-Ph.D Biostatistics, University of Pittsburgh
-Published papers related to AI, data integration

Jun Lee

- Assistant Professor in Division of Computer Information Science, Hoseo University (2017~)
- KIST(Korea Institute of Science and Technology), Postdoc Researcher in Center for Robotics Research
- Postdoc, Nanyang Technological University

Myoung Hoon Shin

- Senior Researcher, Korea Association for ICT Promotion
- Information Security Management System(ISMS) Audit Team Leader
- Information Security Consulting and audit experience

Bryan, Jeon

- lberx Executive Director
- Former, TENA(GO PAY) COO
- Former, BrilliantTS(FuzeX, Fuze, FuzeW) CBO
- Former, Director of Kakao Friends Retatil
- Former, Business Director of Kakao Pay
- Former, Conductor of Daum Comm. Marketing

Junsang Cho

- Research Professor at Dept of radiation oncology, Samsung Medical Center Samsung Medical Center
- Ph.D in Dept of Electronic and Computer Eng., Hanyang University
- Published papers related to Video compression

Seok-Mo Heo

- DDS, PhD, Board Certified Specialist
- Associate Professor, Dept of Periodontology, Chonbuk National University,
- Chairman, Dept of Periodontology, Chonbuk National University Hospital
- State University of New York, Ph.D.
- Seoul National University, D.D.S.
- Investigator of Oral Health Care Diagnostic R&D project by Artificial Intelligence
- Several International awards and SCI publications

Kichun Lim

- Research Professor, Dept of computer science of Sogang University
- Research Professor, Medcal Image Processing, Asan Hospital
- Ph.D in Dept of Computer Eng., Konkuk Univ,

Hee-seung Kang

- 2000~ CEO of Dotnamekorea
- 1998~ CTO of WebTizen
- 한글.kr Development of International Standardization
- No.3 Korean Company for Domain Service
- No.1 Korean Security Certification Company
- Security Technology for Server Hacking


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